A Fall afternoon at the arboretum

In the Fall, I met up with the Ylagan family for their portrait session at the arboretum. We’d had to reschedule their session once already and as we were about to begin it started to drizzle a little. We decided to go ahead with the session and it turned out beautifully with the even lighting. The vibrant colors of their wardrobe was perfectly matched for the greenery of the setting and everything just really popped with color. These boys are so adorable. I had a wonderful time talking with them, showing them Peter Rabbit’s Garden and letting them run around and have fun.

fall family portrait outing at the local arboretum Fall-family-session-arboretum-virginia-beach_0002 Fall-family-session-arboretum-virginia-beach_0003

Mom and Dad brought their wagon for a few pictures. Isn’t it fun.

Fall-family-session-arboretum-virginia-beach_0004 Fall-family-session-arboretum-virginia-beach_0005 Fall-family-session-arboretum-virginia-beach_0006

I love this next picture:

Fall-family-session-arboretum-virginia-beach_0007 Fall-family-session-arboretum-virginia-beach_0008

The boys even did a great job posing for a few portraits.

Fall-family-session-arboretum-virginia-beach_0009 Fall-family-session-arboretum-virginia-beach_0010

What a gorgeous family!

Fall-family-session-arboretum-virginia-beach_0011 Fall-family-session-arboretum-virginia-beach_0012

Nicholas was saying I want to go with daddy!  We couldn’t help but laugh as he struggled out of the hug.


Ryan, you are so handsome and smart. I was totally thrilled when he asked me to come to his birthday party in the spring.

Fall-family-session-arboretum-virginia-beach_0014 Fall-family-session-arboretum-virginia-beach_0015 Fall-family-session-arboretum-virginia-beach_0016

This next one is my favorite. I love the moment I caught where Marissa is reaching out to help him.

Fall-family-session-arboretum-virginia-beach_0017 Fall-family-session-arboretum-virginia-beach_0018

Thank you for another great year of pictures, Ylagan family! Happy 2015!

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