Carter Has Graduated!

I guess I’m the first person to be able to say that for Carter. With this session, he has graduated from my Baby Plan. It has been a fun time watching him grow into the boy he has become. Such a sweet boy and so full of life. Here are a few images from our session at Windsor Castle Park in Smithfield. little girl blowing dandelions and making wishes brother and sister playing in dandelion field Little boy playing on pathway in the woods family taking a walk on boardwalk over a marsh

I think the next ones were my favorite of him from the session: little boy in the afternoon light on a boardwalk family walking together in the woods black and white photos of mom and dad with their son brother and sister sitting on a boardwalk brother and sister in buttercup field little boy standing next to barn

I had purchased some cotton bolls at L’Abeille in Ghent the day before for the session and just love the next ones where the kids had them.  family in front of barn and with cotton bolls

I just love those hands and feet and cotton!

children joyous boy and cotton bolls little boy with cotton in front of barn

So, I’ve been out to Windsor Castle a LOT and shot out there and I always try to find a new way to shoot the sessions. This is the first time I tried the perspective in the images below:  low perspective of barns family portrait with barns and low perspective

I just loved working with you C Family! I have to admit I am pretty sad our baby plans are done. I’ve really enjoyed spending the time with you and getting to know you all – you are the best!

xoxo – Terri

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