When he was 8 months old

I’ve been meaning to blog C’s milestone mini session for a while now! My goodness he is almost a year old so I’m a bit behind for sure. Here he is at home for his 8 month mini session. He is such a sweet and beautiful, beautiful little boy!

baby boy with blond curls and blue eyes Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0018 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0019 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0020 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0021 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0022 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0023 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0024 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0025 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0026 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0027 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0028

We’ll be doing his year old session in August. It seems impossible that he is almost one! See you soon, buddy!

xoxo Terri

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