Fresh Editorial Style Head Shot Session

I’ve been meaning to blog this session for some time now and thought to myself…I have to do it now…while I’m thinking about it.  Cause you know how that goes if you don’t.  I was contacted by Emily who used to be a local news personality but she has since moved back to her hometown in Missouri.  Emily wanted head shots but not the usual stuffy, with a backdrop, lighting setup, tilt your head this way, smile that way type of head shots.  She wanted what I call editorial style head shots.  Fun, Fresh, Fabulous!  Emily is gorgeous, this was not a hard job for me.  :)Take a look:


We met up in the Freemason District in Norfolk and wandered around to my favorite spots. I should probably leave a stipend for the folks that own the house with the steps below…I use them all the time!


Have I already mentioned how beautiful Emily is?


Then, we were invited to go up to a local boat house and take pictures up on the deck and inside the bar.   Beauty opens doors, no doubt about it.


Lovely, just lovely!


The atmosphere inside was awesome with the worn-wood bar and rafters.  And the lovely evening light spilling in.


Truly a fun session! And after, Emily told me she’d been nervous about the session but that I made her feel relaxed and comfortable about modeling. Yay!


Terri Hughes is a Norfolk-based children and family photographer.  She loves to push her creative boundaries and if asked, will do engagement sessions and editorial styles sessions, also.  If you have something fun in  mind please call Terri at 757.812.5322 or contact her at to discuss your ideas.


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