Giving the gift of Love

I’m always so thrilled when I get a call from a friend or relative of a couple who is expecting a baby and they are hoping to purchase a session for them.  Of all the things that come along with having a new baby, pictures are probably the only items that they will always have.  Those diapers are going to get used up pretty quickly and you definitely don’t want them kept around once they are!  :) Clothes get outgrown more rapidly than you can imagine and eventually even the convertible crib/toddler bed/full bed will be discarded for something different.  I always recommend that the gift giver purchase the whole newborn photo package for the soon to be new parents rather than just give an allotment toward it.  That way, everything is stress free for the sleep-deprived parents and all they have to do is call to set up the session time.  No other financial obligations to have to meet or worry about.  Easy peasy!  If it seems like a lot of money to put toward a gift on your own, try to collaborate with a group of friends to share the cost. Yes, a brand spanking new stroller is shiny and lovely as a group gift but will it be around in 20 years?  Will just looking at it bring a rush of memory back of how their baby felt so tiny and strong at the same time? The fact that the 300-500 dollar stroller has off-road wheels and cup holders isn’t going to mean as much to your friends and loved ones as that photograph that makes them smile and remember the little noises their infant made and the way they smelled so sweet and babylike.

Meet Jessie, Ben and Eli, recipients of the gift of love from a dear friend:

Dad looks at newborn son with amazement

Newborn boy makes an "O" shape with his mouth

Jessie will always remember how Eli’s tiny hand felt in hers when she sees this image.  Look how he gazes at his momma at just 2 weeks old.

A mother changes her newborn son in front of a window as he gazes at her

Baby hands and feet

A newborn baby boy gazes at the camera

Baby boy lying on fuzzy white rug

Young mother kisses her infant

Ben will always have this to see how much Eli looked like him even at this young age.

Young family adoring their newborn son

Young family proudly showing off their newborn son


If you have a loved one that you want to give the gift of love to, I’d love to hear from you (757.812.5322).  Newborn sessions are typically booked with me 4-6 weeks in advance.  

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