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    I had my camera, a lot of borrowed camping equipment, a plane ticket and a feeling of adventure consuming me as I headed west to hike and photograph Bryce Canyon National Park. I had finally convinced my family and friends that I could do this alone and I would be okay...there was no need to send my brother along with me, no need to pack a firearm - just in case. The first night was difficult. The sun was rapidly setting as I pitched my tent. Grappling with lighting the camp stove for dinner almost broke me down but I managed and finally had something to eat. I slept fitfully that night as I always do in tents, and not having a knit hat for my head to keep it warm in the high elevation kept me awake most of the night. However, beautiful Bryce awaited me and my camera the next day. I loved hiking and taking pictures of the unusual landscape. I brought my sketch book with me and studied and sketched the famous Hoo Doos. When the weather turned bad the following day, I broke camp and headed south to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon was so close, I had to go.

    That decision forever changed my life. It was there at the North Rim that I met my husband, Sam. At the time I didn't know how decisions had been made on his part, too, that brought him to that place where, against all odds, we met each other.

    Everyone has a unique story. As a photographer, I evolved from the love of photographing a landscape to the love of photographing people and their stories. It is soul food to me. I'm not just a photographer, I'm a photobiographer, too. Someone who writes your story with photographs.

    To find out more about my sessions and how I can tell your story through photographs contact me at 757.812.5322 or

    - Terri

When C’s mom called me to book a session for her 18 month old daughter, the most important thing to her was to make sure we captured her personality. C is at the age of constant movement and exploration. She also loves to wear pretty things that sparkle and to get dressed up. When we were planning the session the word that came to mind that we wanted for the feel of the session was “whimsical.” Mom had this adorable headband made of feathers and sparkles that she wanted C to wear. We decided a woodland background would be perfect for the feel of the session. After bantering around a few ideas, the Hermitage Museum and Gardens in Norfolk was decided as the perfect location.

Woodland photography session with girl toddler

The Hermitage was also the location of the parents’ wedding so it had that sentimental attachment going for it, too. There are so many wonderful spots at the museum grounds to find for photos but we decided to start near the building itself.

Little girl wearing feather headband and exploring park

C loved the perennial flower beds near the museum. I just followed her taking pictures of all she did.

natural child photo session capturing exploration

juxtaposition of child with nude outdoor statue

We started to walk toward the paths that led us through a wooded area not too far from the water. C had so much to look at here: fronds and sticks and walking the pathways.

young child exploring the woods at photo session

young girl in the woods

For sessions like this, I love to just observe and be patient with the child. There is no hurry as she explores. I love the moments and expressions I can capture this way:

Beautiful girl toddler wearing a feather headband

happy toddler dressed up in sparkly feather headband

baby girl sitting on bench at photo session

little girl standing on bench at hermitage museum

After a quick change of clothes into a very special dress her auntie bought her, we wandered over to the boardwalk area on the museum grounds. It was getting pretty darn hot by this time and she was still going strong.

black and white images of toddler at gate and on pier

After leaving the boardwalk area, we came upon an open glade filled with buttercups. She loved the flowers!

little girl holding a bunch of buttercups in a forest glade

little girl holding a bunch of buttercups at her woodland photo session

little girl playing with flowers

toddler holding flowers in both hands at photo session

We found a pathway through the woods that led to the lighthouse on the grounds of the Hermitage.

beautiful toddler walking on wooded pathway

She had fun walking up the steep incline to the doorway and then running down. It was verrrryyy nerve-wracking for me! Toddlers aren’t always sure-footed and every time she started to run down I thought sure she would fall. But she didn’t and after a few times she was done and it was time to end the session.

toddler girl standing against big wood doorway.

I was so excited when mom told me she LOVED the images and it was exactly how she envisioned she wanted the photo session to be. That is so wonderful to hear and is the most gratifying part of my job. This little girl was so fun to follow around and photograph.


Terri Hughes of Simply Human Pictures specializes in capturing children exploring their world. It is important to her to just watch and observe what a child does without direction. The images she creates by letting them be who they are and making a connection with them are honest and full of the essence of the child. These moments of childhood flee so quickly and children are always changing. If you would like Terri to capture your child as they are now, please use the contact button above to fill out the form and begin planning your session.

If you love going to the beach and watching your kids play and have fun in the ocean and making sandcastles with their colorful pails and shovels, you are going to want to consider the newest mini session event I am offering. It’s a KIDS ONLY mini session at the beach. This can include more than one child but, remember, it is for kids – no adults allowed! They can wear their play clothes or even their bathing suits. They can bring their boogie boards or their pails and shovels. I’ll spend a half an hour taking pictures of them doing their favorite things at the beach. Spots are limited to TEN so be sure to contact me if you’d like to reserve one. Here are the rest of the details for this fun summertime session:

  • 25 minute session at East Beach
  • Kids only – doing what they love at the beach
  • 10 high resolution digital files via download
  • Permission to print letter

The session is $185 and you can book yours by clicking here to go to my calendar. Just choose Kids Only Beach Session from the drop down menu and it will direct you through all the steps to reserve your spot!


Brothes, sisters and friends are all welcome.


I’m very excited to offer this type of session this summer for the kiddos. We are sure to have a blast.


If you are interested in having me capture those fun times your children have at the beach, contact me to book this special event session. Please contact me today.

I was so pleased to work with the “F” family again for their second daughter’s newborn session. It’s been three years since I saw them for the first born’s newborn session at their beautiful home in Norfolk. They had been stationed in Hawaii for a couple of years living the island life of constantly being outdoors and enjoying the pleasures of such a beautiful place. Home is home, though, and they are happy to be back here.

Baby M was awake and happy to be watching all that was going on around her. She was so cute with all the sweet little expressions she was practicing.

Awake newborn during at home session

newborn making faces during lifestyle session

Funny faces a newborn makes

She was just so happy to be hanging out. Love her!

Eye contact with newborn during in home session

All the effort of being so adorable just wore her out so she  had to fall asleep for a little while.

sleeping newborn black and white image

Detail images of sleeping newborn

The image below in the crib is similar to one we did with the older daughter. It was specifically requested by the mom so she could hang them side-by-side on the wall.

infant sleeping in heirloom crib

Big sister adores “her baby.”

older sister looking at new baby sister

new mom with baby in nursery

infant gazing up at mom in her nursery

Happy mother holding her baby in the nursery

father and baby in nursery

black and white images of father and baby daughter

father holding baby daughter in her nursery

proud new parents holding their baby daughter

Daughter kissing her mother on the cheek as her dad holds her baby sister

Parents looking on proudly at their oldest daughter

Thank you “F” family for the honor of photographing your family. Your girls are precious!

My specialty is to photograph your family at home for a newborn session. At home newborn sessions can be comfortable and more relaxing for you. In years to come, having these images of your new family in your own home will become that much more meaningful to you, too. If you would like to learn more about my at-home newborn sessions, please contact me now at or call me at 757-812-5322.

I’ve been meaning to blog C’s milestone mini session for a while now! My goodness he is almost a year old so I’m a bit behind for sure. Here he is at home for his 8 month mini session. He is such a sweet and beautiful, beautiful little boy!

baby boy with blond curls and blue eyes Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0018 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0019 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0020 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0021 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0022 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0023 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0024 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0025 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0026 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0027 Mileston-mini-session-Norfolk-baby_0028

We’ll be doing his year old session in August. It seems impossible that he is almost one! See you soon, buddy!

xoxo Terri

Life is moving along quickly these days! In the day-to-day trenches, you may not notice that things are moving so fast because let’s face it, there are some days that seem like they will never end! But then suddenly something happens that makes you pause and you think to yourself, “it seems like just yesterday that…fill in the blank…!” Taking one year old portraits of MK was such a time for me. It seemed like just yesterday that I was taking her newborn portraits!

Seeing her as a one year old was such a treat for me. She is beautiful, sweet, curious, funny and fast! Enjoy the pictures.

One year old baby girl one year old baby girl and her mother Mother kissing baby girl mother and daughter and azaleas baby climbing steps baby being held up between mothers legs mother and daughter walking holding hands one year old running to mother baby in field of dandelions one year old girl in rocking chair

I just love these pictures of her with her baby doll. She was so sure the baby needed to sit down.

One year old and baby doll baby in romper

one year old in rocker sticking out her toes mother holding daughter

Here is MK as a newborn! So sweet.

sleeping newborn