Take it Tuesday – camera tips on taking better images

Welcome to Take it Tuesday! For some time now, I’ve been wanting to do little tutorials on how to take better images. I know a lot of my clients want to be able to use their DSLR cameras to take great images of their own. For the every day stuff. The “this is our family and how we live” stuff. Coming to see me for a portrait session is always a great thing to do (hint, hint!) but you shouldn’t let your camera sit around not being used because you are overwhelmed by how advanced it is. So, today begins our little journey together. I hope that you will find these tutorials helpful and I encourage you to practice what I talk about here. That’s the reason I named it Take it Tuesday! I want you to read it, understand it and then go out and TAKE IT! Practice on your kids and you will definitely see your images improve.

The first lesson is about angles. In photography an angle makes all the difference. Depending on your angle, or where you position yourself in relation to your subject, you can change the whole feel of a photograph. When it comes to kiddos, it is important to remember to get down on their level. If you take a picture of a child from the angle of standing upright and looking down at them, they will look small in the frame. You may get a good smile but your image will lack their total personality. And we know that most kids have big personalities. I sometimes get so excited to start taking the pictures in a portrait session that I DO start out at an upright standing angle. Here is an example of a picture I took of a little boy who I’d had a whole year of photographing already because he’d been in my baby plan. He was familiar with me and so right away I got a good smile from him when we went into the cotton field. I loved that smile so I took the image right away, but I knew as soon as I took it that I could do better:

Take it Tuesday tips on better photography

So immediately I dropped down to his level and took the next picture in the same spot. You can see that his smile got bigger and he fills up my frame better. We were really starting to connect.

Take it Tuesday tips for better photography

In the next photo, I was engaging with him so well that he started to allow me to share in what he was doing: playing with the cotton bolls.

Take it Tuesday sharing photo tips for better images

And finally, this next image is the shot that I think of as the “money” shot. He’s allowing me to be there with him and he’s comfortable exploring his environment in front of me as I snap the shutter. It’s almost as if I’m not even there with him. It’s a beautiful portrait of a little boy who is seeing and feeling cotton for the very first time. Ba BAM!!!! Do you think his parents loved this image? You betcha!

Take it Tuesday photo tips for better images

Some kids are very camera shy but if you take the time to get down on their level and play and engage with them, I can guarantee you that you’ll find a new and better quality to your images of your children. Let them explore and don’t worry about them looking at the camera. Sometimes, the most beautiful images of our children are the ones where they are engrossed in the world around them.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Please leave a comment to let me know if it was helpful. I’ll be posting the links to these tutorials on my Facebook page so be sure to keep an eye out for them.¬†Feel free to also share away with your friends!

Thank you,

xoxo terri

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